ROP: $22 – $25/hr., Depends on Experience
Location: El Paso, TX
Work Schedule: Full time, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.
• Responsible for the management and maintenance of general accounting systems to provide records of assets, liabilities and financial transactions.
• Coordinate reporting to corporate finance and auditor requirements.
• Formulates and administers approved accounting practices throughout the department to ensure that financial and operating reports accurately reflect the condition of the business and provide reliable information necessary to control operations.
• Drive continuous improvement through trend reporting analysis and metrics management.

• Certified Accountant.
• Experience as a General Accountant.
• Two to three years of accounting experience.
• Expert handling of Quickbooks
• Microsoft Office
• Bilingual(Spanish/English)

Knowledge and experience in:
o Financial accounting.
o Tax accounting, Taxes.
o Declarations.
o Contracts.
o Management of income and expense accounts
o Analytical ability and attention to detail.
o Responsibility, honesty, ethics, and confidentiality