After school Counselor (10 positions)

ROP: $7.25/hr.
Location: El Paso, TX
Work Schedule: Part-time, temporary, flexible hours required due to various job sites, 2:30 p.m. to 6 p.m. 3:45 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Under the supervision of the site Program Director and/or Executive Director; be responsible for the supervision and management of a school-age group of children between the ages of 5 to 12 years. Provide a program to foster children’s social, physical, emotional and mental growth. Maintain in every way the objectives of the Association and strengthen the relationship between counselor and program participants.

This is a part-time, temporary position requiring flexible hours per week, due to site needs. The YMCA of Greater El Paso values the following attributes of personal character and ethical behavior and believes they are essential to attaining our mission: Caring – To show a sincere concern for others. Honesty – Be truthful in what you say and do. Respect – Follow the Golden Rule. Responsibility – Be accountable for your promises and actions. Faith – Believe in yourself and others.

Must meet school-age child care group leader qualifications as outlined in the Texas Department of Protective and Regulatory Services Minimum Standards. Must have a warm and friendly personality; be sensitive to the feeling and needs of others. Must be able to relate well with all ages and be willing to fulfill responsibilities in accordance with program goals. Must be able to provide own transportation. Attendance and punctuality is required for this position. Requires YMCA provided training in Bloodborne Pathogens and Child Abuse Prevention. CPR/First Aid training preferred.

Must be physically fit in order to participate in all aspects of the position. Ability to lift twenty-five (25) pounds without strain and mentally alert to recognize potential hazards and accidents. Make sound judgments even when distracted by noise and activity. Ability to handle irate, complaining or demanding individuals without internalizing or personalizing comments made. Physically and mentally able to respond to emergencies and administer CPR and first aid effectively.


1. Greet and communicate with all children and parents in a friendly, professional manner.

2. Assist in the planning and implementation of the program under the direction of the Program Director or representative.

3. Assist in the preparation of a creative learning environment, establishment of interest centers and the preparation of needed materials and supplies.

4. Assist with general housekeeping tasks to ensure a clean, safe environment.

5. Must supervise children at all times in accordance to Association policies, i.e. Code of Conduct, etc.

6. Maintain professional attitude and appearance at all times. Must wear approved YMCA uniform and enclosed footwear, such as tennis shoes.

7. Attend all staff meetings and training sessions as directed by supervisor.

8. Must supervise children in all areas of any facility participating in, i.e. classroom, playground, etc.

9. Must exemplify YMCA Core Values of caring, honesty, respect, responsibility and faith, and implement these values into daily behavior and all program/work areas.

10. Incorporate Character Development materials in all aspects of the program to promote high ethical and moral attitudes and social behavior.
11. Handle accidents and emergencies in a comfortable and confident manner in accordance with policies and procedures, reporting them to supervisor immediately.

12. Attendance and punctuality is essential for this position. Adherence to guidelines is required.


1. Abide by standards of the YMCA Personnel Policy (available for review at your branch).
2. Abide by standards of the YMCA Orientation Manual.
3. Attend trainings as required by supervisor, i.e. CPR, Child Abuse Prevention, Bloodborne Pathogens, Member Services Training and staff trainings.