Asphalt Raker

ROP: $Depending on Experience/hr.
Location: Santa Teresa, West El Paso, and Horizon Locations
Work Schedule: Full Time
• Shoveling and raking
• Running wheelbarrow
• Safely backing/dumping trucks into paver
• Assists with the application of asphalt on highways/private roadways/parking lots/driveways using handheld tools.
• Digs, spreads, rake, and levels asphalt.
• Smooths and adjusts surface irregularities
• Restores surface finish
• Spreads asphalt to proper grade and finishes before compaction
• Matches and finishes freshly made asphalt paving joints evenly.
• Work around asphalt pavers shoveling operating various equipment to include roller and road broom
• Other duties as assigned.


• Previous experience is a plus as an asphalt raker. Willing to train.