Rate of Pay: $10 – $12/hr., Depending on Experience
Location: El Paso, TX
Work Schedule: Full Time, M – F, 8 a.m. -5 p.m., Rotating Saturday Schedule will be: Monday through Friday 8AM-4PM SATURDAY 8AM -1pm
JOB SUMMARY: Reporting to the Operations Manager/Alternate Administrator/Business Manager, the client care coordinator will provide support and office services to the staff, clients and providers. The Client Care Coordinator responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following:
· Answering Phone Calls (being able to take two calls at a time if necessary; i.e., putting current call on hold and answering other call and trying to make both calls wait as less as possible)
· Follow-up procedures for phone calls (when contacting a client/caregiver make sure to call all phone numbers we have in the system for that person)
· Making notes for every call received/made (decide if note has to be print out and scan and/or send to other department)
· After hours (let person leave message; follow-up call if necessary)
· Checking assigned Voice Mail
· Processing New, Updated and Respite Authorizations (whole process: i.e., putting client into Vesta, confirming information, review with Molina e-portal, care plans, books, calling Molina if necessary, contacting Clients and Caregivers if necessary, printing copy of portal, making a copy for billing department, scanning authorization to staff’s email, filing in appropriate client file, creating care plan or book as needed)
· Inputting new clients into Vesta (do not forget to schedule the first QAPI visit)
· Reviewing Client books when they come in, put needed info into Vesta (DNR, POA, Emergency Contact and missing info)
· Creating Clients files
· Creating New Care Plans for changes requests in Client circumstances (i.e., change in schedule tasks)
· Preparation of Client books
· Inputting new clients into Home Care Pulse
· QAPI visits (Visiting clients as required by Agency’s standards, inputting visits into Vesta, having QAPI meeting regularly, filing original into Binders and copy in to clients’ files, creating note in Vesta if necessary)
· Follow-up with complaints (i.e., document in Client notes, send Staff to Client for in and make sure resolution takes place including provider bringing statements and keeping them in file)
· Follow Inactive Clients Procedures (i.e., changing client’s status on client’s profile immediately, make corresponding note with details, check on them to confirm that they are coming back to active status and make notes of what had happened on the follow-up)
· Visit Maintenance (i.e., correcting and solutioning visit Maintenance problems)
· EVV Token (order token, install it and keep Vesta updated all the time, replace not working tokens, assigning and un-assign tokens as require)
· Write-ups (i.e., provide all the necessary info. To Care Partner Coordinators for the follow up Disciplinary Action)
· Reviewing and Completing Timesheets (call Caregivers RE: Incorrect ones)
· Inputting Timesheets into Binder
· Inputting Timesheets in Vesta
· Keeping Vesta, Home Care Pulse and Client’s files information up to date
· Looking for potential caregivers
· Assigning potential Caregivers (On board and in Vesta)
· Being potential caregiver itself (i.e., taking place of substitute caregiver if no caregiver is found)
· Follow Inactive Caregivers Procedures (i.e., changing work status on provider’s profile immediately, making a note with reason of inactivation and details on last day of work and last client they had, call them to offer them available clients and make notes to whether they took job or not)
· Follow-up of Accounts Receivable (Medicaid Connections and Private Pay connection/action)
· Collections of Private Pay delinquent accounts
· Refer clients to respective entities accordingly to their needs (i.e., more hours of home care services; Molina, need a companion; Senior Companion, need transportation to doctors’ appointments; Medicaid Transportation, need medical supplies including diapers and have Medicare; Premier Group, need food, diapers, wheelchair and do not have Medicare; Modesto’s Pantry)
· Filing Clients files
· Maintaining Client file up to date
· Review Client files regularly to see if in compliance
· Complete and turn in a Daily Log Sheet (provide work activity in this log, scan it to Home watch Staff, turn in original Log to Corresponding Supervisor)
*Other duties as assigned
Back up Responsibilities:
• Handle all office visitors, clients and providers needs
· Making sure worked hours match with billed hours
• Helping other CCC’s with all or part of tasks assign if needed
• Helping other departments with all or part of the tasks assign if needed
• Checking Voice Mails for other co-workers in the same department or co-workers on different departments
• Copies
• Keeping printers load of paper
• Maintaining refrigerator clean (i.e., lunch should not be left for more than 3 days, expired food should be thrown to trash can, keeping stuff in order or accessible, etc.)
• Maintaining working and non-working areas clean and organize (whole office)
• Excellent interpersonal and communication skills-oral, conversational, telephone and written in both English and Spanish
• Ability to answer calls
• Basic computer skills Microsoft Word, Excel, internet and Office application knowledge
• Attention to detail and the ability to work in a fast-paced environment
• Type 25 wpm
• Ability to transmit warmth and caring to clients and caregivers
• Willingness to learn and cooperate with others
• Able to work individually and with others
• Honest, reliable and accountable
• Work the assigned schedule to include weekends if necessary and willing to cover other individuals as needed. Assist clients in the activities of daily living and with the client’s personal hygiene and nutritional requirements.
Working Environment/Physical Demands:
The physical demands and work environment characteristics described here are representative of those that must be met by an employee to successfully perform that essential functions of this job. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.
Physical Demands:
• Ability to occasionally lift – a maximum of 15lbs in an 8-hour day
• Ability to sit, stoop, bend, walk, kneel, squat, reach overhead during an 8-hour day
• Repetitively use of hands for keyboard, grasping, twisting, pushing and pulling during an 8-hour day
Work Environment:
• Maintain an organized work area
• Communicate with fellow co-workers and clients