Rate of Pay: $16.00/hour, 40 hours per week, with overtime if necessary. Lodging in Lordsburg NM may be an option, but a much better option would be to camp out near the work site. $85 per diem allowance will be provided.
Location: SW New Mexico, near Lordsburg.
Work Schedule: Work is expected to begin in Mid-June and should require 8 to 10 weeks. Work will include 10-hour days in the field, in a remote desert location away from facilities. Work schedule is expected to be Monday through Friday but may be adjusted depending on the schedule requirements of the project.
Job Description: A short term assignment of full time work installing fencing around grazing leases in SW New Mexico.
Job Requirements/Qualifications/Skills: Work will involve using tools, machinery, and heavy equipment to pound wood and metal posts into the ground, carry heavy spools of barbed wire, stretch and attach wire to posts. Work must meet quality specifications. Previous experience installing wire fencing and demonstrated working knowledge of the tools and techniques of the trade are highly desirable.