Garbage Truck Driver/Roll-Off Driver

ROP: $Depending on Experience/hr.
Work Schedule: Monday-Friday, Hours and Days may vary
SUMMARY: Responsible for garbage collection services in order to ensure that garbage is transported and disposed of safely and efficiently. This position will be primarily responsible for driving a ROLL-OFF GARBAGE TRUCK on specified routes. Driver will collect garbage and transport it to the landfill.
• Driver will operate roll off/trash truck in a safe and effective manner in accordance with applicable safety regulations and policies, practices and procedures.
• Driver will inspect truck equipment and supplies such as tires, lights, brakes, gas, oil, and water.
• Driver will collect garbage from buildings, businesses, residential buildings and other facilities as instructed.
• Driver will maintain daily records of pick-ups.
• Other duties as assigned.
QUALIFICATIONS: Must have at least 3 years related experience operating a roll off and/or diesel truck. Class A or B License required. Bilingual English/Spanish preferred but not required.