Head Lifeguard

Pay Rate: $14.00 – $15/hr., Depending on Experience
SCHEDULE: Part time, Days, Hours and Location Vary

1. Supervise all members, guests, and customers in the pool area.
2. Teach members and non-members progressive aquatic lessons.
3. Serve as lifeguard, supervising and monitoring participants for their safety.
4. Sub for lifeguards, as needed by supervisor.
5. Assist with aquatic staff work schedules, to be approved by aquatic coordinator or executive director.
6. Clean and maintain all pool areas.
7. Check and adjust chlorine and PH levels and maintain accurate logs of checks.
8. Check pump pressure and water levels.
9. Report to maintenance/supervisors any chemical/mechanical aquatic needs to include needed aquatic supplies.
10. Act as “go-to” person for aquatic staff in the absence of supervisors.
11. While on duty, must exhibit the Judeo-Christian values and ethics the YMCA is founded on to the membership, guests and other staff.
12. Handle complaints in a competent manner as described in the staff manuals.
13. Handle accidents and emergencies in a comfortable and confident manner in accordance with the policies and procedures.
14. Report any unsafe situation to the Aquatic or Operations Director.
15. Oversees the staff, pool and program in the absence of the Operations Director.
16. Assists the YMCA directors in training other staff as effective role model.
17. Assists in planning and implementation of special functions/projects.
18. Must exemplify YMCA Core Values of caring, honesty, respect and responsibility and implement these values into daily behavior and all program/work areas.

1. Read YMCA of El Paso Personnel Policy and abide by contents.
2. Read YMCA Orientation Manual and abide by contents.
3. Read daily check list(s).

1. Assist supervisor with aquatic staff work schedules.

Knowledge, Skills and Ability
1. Must be able to communicate with the membership in a pleasant and professional manner (enthusiasm, confidence, respectfulness and politeness).
2. Must know how to perform basic custodial duties (mopping, sweeping, etc.).
3. Must have the ability to perform duties without direct supervision.
4. Must be able to communicate and establish good relations with the rest of the staff team.
5. Must be able to follow a check list.
6. Must be able to swim four (4) different strokes.
7. Must be able to teach progressive aquatic lessons to youth and adults.
Education and Training:
1. Must be able to read and understand written instructions and printed materials in English.
2. Current CPR certification.
3. Current Lifeguard certification.
4. Must participate in YMCA training, to include: Bloodborne Pathogens, Child Abuse Prevention, Character Development and Customer Service.

1. Must have at least two year experience in aquatic field.
2. Materials and Equipment Directly Used:
3. 1. Required to handle the following chemicals by pump or hand:
4. A. Powder CL
5. B. Liquid CL
6. C. Muriatic Acid
7. D. Chemical Test Kits
8. E. Various Cleaning Solutions
9. F. Soda Ash
Working Environment and Physical Activities:
1. Environment is physically demanding.
2. Must be able to move (lift and carry) up to 50 lbs.
3. Must e able to remain on feet and walk for up to 6 hour shifts.
4. Must be able to visually recognize areas that need to be cleaned.
5. Must be able to work shifts without smoking or using tobacco.
6. Must be able to efficiently move custodial equipment (mop, brooms, etc.).
7. Must be able to move pool equipment and furnishing (chlorine, muriatic acid, etc.).
8. Must be able to work with normal pool chemicals (chlorine, muriatic acid, etc.).
9. Must e able to work in a humid and hot environment for entire 6-hour shift.
10. Must be able to perform general maintenance duties such as:
A. Back wash pool
B. Vacuum pool
C. Add water
D. Inject Steam
Additional Requirements:
1. Must wear lifeguard staff shirt every shift.
2. Must attend additional training (association mandatory trainings, staff meetings).
3. Must show a continuing effort to improve skills (extra-curricular training, reading, etc.).
4. Must wear shorts while on duty.
5. Must wear goggles while handling chemicals.