ROP: $Depending on Experience/hr.
Location: El Paso, TX
Work Schedule: Full Time, Hours and Days Vary, must be flexible

SUMMARY: Responsible for commercial and residential plumbing. Install, repair, and maintain pipes used for water distribution and wastewater disposal.
ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITES: Plumbers will install and maintain plumbing systems. Coordinate with project manager on installation. Install systems used to transport water, waste, gases, or liquids. Ensure legislation and policies are met and that systems are up to code. Ensure systems meet all standards of building codes and safety. Cut openings in structures in preparation for pipes. Select all materials needed for installation, including type and size of pipe. Install supports and hangers for pipe, fixtures and equipment. Assemble and install valves and fittings. Other duties as assigned.
QUALIFICATIONS: Licensed Plumbers preferred but will accept Non-Licensed plumbers with at least three to four years of experience. Pay grade depending on experience.