Lot Maintenance/Propane Cylinder Attendant

ROP: $Depending on Experience/hr.
Work Schedule: Full Time, Monday – Friday, 1/2 Day on Saturday (Flexible)
Location: East El Paso
Job Summary: Individual works directly with the Manager on all aspects of the job. The individual understands the responsibility of dispensing the Propane and safety rules and regulations and they maintain the Lot and property as per Ownership’s/ Manager’s recommendations. Customer service is key!
Job Description:
• #1 priority: Customer Service-pleasing personality.
• Maintain curb appeal.
• Keep lot clean by using provided equipment.
• Maintain all shrubs, and plants and keep all vegetation in good condition.
• Weed the property as needed.
• Understand Gate maintenance and operation; Timers, Ice Machine, and Equipment; Tire hoses; Dump procedure.
• Obtain certification to operate Propane equipment. Ownership will pay for certification.
• Maintain all License requirements.
• Understand Weights & Measures; Fire License and safety procedures on the property; OSHA regs; basic mechanical knowledge such as how to charge a battery.
Job Skills/Qualifications/Requirements:
• Must obtain a License to dispense Propane properly.
• Certification is required with the RR Commission of the State of Texas.
• Basic Mechanical knowledge: ability to communicate to customers and management effectively.
• Ability to lift up to 50 pounds and stoop and bend as required without restrictions.
• Organized and well groomed.