Maintenance Technician

ROP: $12/hr. – $15/hr., Depending on Experience
Location: Westside El Paso
Work Schedule: Full time
Summary: Performs various maintenance duties and handles service requests requiring technical labor skills. Maintains and conducts minor repairs on the facility and equipment. Performs various maintenance duties, including processing service requests, repairing equipment, ordering parts, and any other duty assigned by management. In order to assist club members reach their fitness goals, Our facility must provide them with the necessary tools. Therefore, it is imperative that all equipment and the facility be in optimal working condition. Our Facility is a one-of-a-kind, fully interactive fitness facility. At our facility, we pride ourselves on having the most helpful and friendly staff. We want our club members to be able to enjoy our facility and utilize the most advanced equipment and studios. In order to do so, we must ensure that all equipment and the facility itself is clean, well maintained, and in working order.
Reports to: General Manager
• High school diploma or equivalent
• 1-2 years of related experience
• Be fluent in English, preferably Bilingual in Spanish
• Have a good understanding of how to safely and properly use cleaning equipment, chemicals, and tools and be able to repair items that may be damaged.
• Previous experience in repairing gym equipment preferred
• Previous experience maintaining a large facility required
• Must have open availability to address urgent service requests as needed
• Knowledgeable in technology to communicate via computer, tablet, smartphone, or text and to repair advanced gym equipment
• Arrive to work on time and adhere to company policies, including the use of company uniforms
• Must be able to consistently lift up to 60 lbs.
Primary responsibilities for this position include, but are not limited to the following:
• Inspects, operates, or tests machinery or equipment to diagnose machine malfunctions.
• Diagnoses mechanical problems and determines how to correct them.
• Dismantles machines, equipment, or devices to access and remove defective parts as needed.
• Performs routine maintenance on all facility equipment.
• Repairs machines, equipment, or structures using safe practices.
• Maintains or repairs specialized equipment or machinery.
• Assembles, installs, or repairs wiring, electrical or electronic components, pipe systems, plumbing, machinery, or equipment.
• Orders parts, supplies, and equipment as needed.
• Maintains the cleanliness and organization of the maintenance closet.
• Plans and lays out repair work using diagrams, drawings, blueprints, maintenance manuals, or schematic diagrams as appropriate.
• Embrace and follow company guidelines and policies as outlined in the employee handbooks and manuals, including any applicable department-specific manuals.
• Respond to member concerns and/or comments in a timely and professional way.
• Know the club’s emergency response protocol and be prepared to act. Exercise sound judgment with safety as a priority.
• Be a team player by contributing to both company and department goals.
• Maintain open and honest communication with the leadership team and company personnel.
• Respond quickly to equipment problems or service requests and ensure the shortest downtime possible.
• Follow up regularly with vendors, suppliers, and contractors as needed to ensure action items are completely as quickly as possible.
• Participate actively in all department and company meetings and inform team members of equipment or work order status.
• Follow up daily on work orders, orders for parts and supplies, and assigned tasks and ensure timely completion of all assignments.
• Communicate effectively with all team members including management.
• Use proper chain of command to report maintenance issues.
• Train all relevant staff on proper procedures, maintenance, and safety related to equipment use as required.
• Perform daily walk-through of the facility and report any maintenance issues to the appropriate person.
• Monitor and maintain work order logs and status using the maintenance software and review work orders daily.
• Provide the highest quality customer service to all members by greeting them with a welcoming, friendly, energetic, and positive attitude at all times.
• Perform other duties as reasonably assigned by management.
Skills Required:
• Equipment maintenance
• Equipment repairs
• Troubleshooting
• Critical thinking
• Equipment selection