Medical Scribe/Medical Assistant

Rate of Pay: $15/hr.
Location: El Paso, TX
Work Schedule: Full Time, M – F, 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

SUMMARY: We are seeking a Medical Scribe/Medical Assistant (FULL TIME) to assist us at our pain management clinic. This would be a scribing role to include but not limited to organizing and dictating/typing physician notes and submitting procedure orders.

• Scribes accompany the physician upon patient interview and examination.
• Scribes document the physician’s dictated patient history, including history of present illness, review of systems, past medical and surgical history, family and social histories, medications, and allergies.
• Scribes document physical examination findings and procedures as performed by the physician.
• Scribes document the results of laboratory and radiographic studies as dictated by the physician.
• Scribes document the correct time of patient care related activities, including physician to physician communication, family communication and re-examination of the patient.
• When the physician concludes the patient’s encounter, the physician will review all documentation completed by the Scribe, make any necessary amendments for the provider to sign the chart.
• The physician is ultimately responsible for documentation of the patient’s encounter. The physician and the Scribe will make “chart rounds” to review patient status, delays, and any other care-related issues. All orders for patient care must be communicated by the physician and not the Scribe.
• Other duties as assigned.

Additional Responsibilities:
• Maintain and demonstrate an understanding of the team approach to patient care and documentation.
• Complete and present the medical record in collaboration with the supervising physician.
• Pursue continuing education through clinical experiences to enhance skills and knowledge in the promotion of quality documentation.
• Communicate in a professional and respectful manner to the supervising physician and ancillary clinical staff.
• Medical assistant duties as needed as well.

Knowledge/ Skills/ Abilities:
• Demonstrate the knowledge and skills necessary to document patient care as dictated by a physician in a legible and clear manner, following all local, state, and federal guidelines for documentation.
• Demonstrate an ability to maintain confidentiality and privacy in accordance with governing HIPAA regulations.
• Demonstrate organizational ability to maintain and coordinate multiple forms and paper documentation related to patient care.