ROP: $15/hr. – 18/hr., Depending on Experience
Location: Various locations
Work Schedule: Full time, Monday – Friday , 7 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.
SUMMARY: Responsible for mixing, matching, and applying paint to various surfaces. Other duties as assigned..
ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITES: Apply paint to surfaces including canvas, walls, floors, doors, and cabinets. Mix, match, and apply paint, varnish, shellac, enamel, and other finishes. Scrape, sandpaper, prime, or seal surfaces prior to painting. Clean walls to ensure proper adherence. Cover surfaces with cloth or plastic to ensure protection. Fill cracks, holes, and joints with caulk, putty, plaster, or other fillers, using caulking guns or putty knives. Moves furniture and equipment as necessary. Remove fixtures such as pictures, doorknobs, lamps, and electric switch covers prior to painting. Apply several coats according to paint directions. Tape off areas when needed. Apply touchups or second coats. Remove paint splatters when finished. Clean up all equipment, including brushes and spray guns. Utilize spray guns for large jobs. Work on ladders to reach high ceilings or walls.

QUALIFICATIONS: Must have painting experience. Individuals must have own safety equipment and tools.