Rate of Pay: $50,000 – $75,000/Salary, Depending on Experience
Location: Horizon City, TX.
Work Schedule: Monday – Friday
SUMMARY: Execute all safety and manufacturing processes within the operation in a manner that reduces corporate exposure to product recalls and customer complaints while maximizing operational efficiency. Fulfill manufacturing support processes such as: development or review of product safety plans, team building and cross-training, process planning, engineering, new product research and development, and oversight of scheduled maintenance. Report directly to Senior Management.
ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITES: include but are not limited to the following:
Be familiar with company’s product and regulations of the manufacturing of the product.
Review, revise and approve finished products before shipping to customer.
Facilitate and prepare the operation for audits and walk-throughs. This includes keeping the operation “audit-ready”, taking lead on any inspections within the operation, and implementing changes resulting from any audit.
Plan, organize, and report on production processes that result in profitable yields for the company. This includes revising or improving current processes and reporting initiatives and consulting on future expansion and equipment purchases.
Establish accountability within working groups to reduce costs and delegate responsibilities within the ranks of personnel to assist in problem solving and corrective action.
Improve the use of human capital in ways that encourage and foster productivity and a more stable working environment. This includes but is not limited to: process planning, evaluation of team personnel and their skills, giving personnel opportunities to be productive based on those skills, managing personalities so as not to put the company’s interests at risk, and motivating personnel.
Manage spending against budget and in relation to changes in sales revenue and necessary production volume.
Assure that reasonable employee complaints and further grievances are administered and addressed respectfully and in a timely manner.
From a production stand-point, assure that customer complaints are administered and addressed in a timely manner.
Work to establish good relationships with employees by encouraging the input of their constructive opinion and action in regards to their involvement and that of fellow employees.
Continually improve general and manufacturing safety practices by addressing physical and biological safety issues and individual employee safety attitudes. Maintain and improve housekeeping practices in all areas.
Continue to broaden skills in relation to management, more efficient production processes, and by meeting any certifications required by the company.
Person must show exemplary leadership skills, a high energy level, independent thinking, strong organizational and planning abilities, understating of basic finance, and excellent analytical and problem solving skills.