Production and Kitchen Personnel

ROP: $11.00/hour
Location: East El Paso, TX
Work hours: Monday to Friday 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Principal function:
Industrial kitchen staff are responsible for performing various tasks related to food preparation and production. Their work contributes to guaranteeing quality, safety and efficiency in the production of food for distribution or sale. The job entails not only cooking food under the established rules but also supporting all industrial kitchen work and occasionally supporting other lines of work that do not have to do with cooking.

• Preparation and cooking of our products, being aware that the procedures are still in place.
• Operate and maintain kitchen equipment in involved areas.
• Maintain accuracy and consistency in food preparation.
• Control the quality of food.
• Comply with production and programming of products.
• Monitor and maintain temperatures and losses.
• Comply with food safety regulations.
• Use protective equipment.
• Maintain clean and organized areas.
• Support in all areas of the kitchen and additional tasks as necessary.

• Our online work is fast paced and requires motivation and a lot of energy. Proactive at all times.
• Support your work team at all times if necessary.
• Requires the ability to understand and follow directions and to communicate effectively both individually and in small groups.
• Basic reading and math skills to ensure the correct product is prepared correctly.
• Occasional lifting of 40 pounds from the floor up to 55”
• Occasional lifting of 60 pounds from the floor to the waist
• Standing for 8 to 10 hours
• Frequent to constant bending, reaching, twisting, and repetitive movements

Working conditions:

The cook and production role may involve exposure to chemicals, odors, noise, and variable weather conditions. The role may require physical activities, such as lifting, climbing, and working in confined spaces.

Note: This job description provides an overview of the responsibilities and requirements of an industrial and production cook position. It can be modified to align with the specific needs of the organization and any applicable local regulations or industry standards.