Warehouse and Plant Janitor

ROP: $12.00/hour
LOCATION: East El Paso, TX
WORK SCHEDULE: Monday through Friday 7:30am to 4:30pm

JOB SUMMARY: The Warehouse and Plant Janitor is responsible for maintaining cleanliness and
orderliness in the warehouse and plant facilities. They perform a variety of cleaning and
maintenance tasks to ensure a safe, sanitary, and organized working environment.


Facility Cleaning:
• Sweep and mop floors to remove debris, dust, and dirt.
• Empty trash and recycling bins, ensuring proper disposal.
• Empty out trash bins and make sure of the correct disposal.
• Dust and wipe down surfaces, including racks, shelves, pallets and equipment.
• Clean windows and glass doors on the outside of the building.
• Maintain cleanliness of entryways, corridors and docks.
• Clean and disinfect plastic curtains in warehouse and cold storage areas.
• Maintain the parking lot clean and trash free.
• Maintain the perimeter of the property and building clean, trash and weed free.
• Clean and disinfect outdoor picnic tables and maintain area clean.
• Keep up with the pest control program.
• Clean and disinfect touch points in warehouse, storage areas and perimeter of plant.
Waste Management:
• Collect and dispose of waste materials according to established procedures.
• Monitor waste bins, ensuring they are emptied and properly labeled.
• Comply with hazardous waste disposal guidelines, if applicable.

Equipment Maintenance:

• Clean and maintain janitorial equipment, such as floor cleaners, mops, and brooms.
• Report any malfunctioning equipment or maintenance needs to the appropriate
• Assist with minor repairs or maintenance tasks as assigned.

Inventory and Supplies:

• Monitor and restock janitorial supplies, including cleaning chemicals, paper products,
and other necessary items.
• Maintain an organized inventory of cleaning supplies and equipment.
• Notify the supervisor when supplies are running low and require replenishment.

Safety and Security:

• Follow safety protocols and guidelines, including the proper use of personal protective
equipment (PPE).
• Identify and report any safety hazards, damaged equipment, or maintenance issues.
• Keep walkways, emergency exits, and fire extinguishers clear and accessible.

Collaboration and Communication:

• Coordinate with warehouse and plant staff to schedule cleaning activities and minimize
disruptions to operations.
• Communicate any issues or concerns related to cleanliness and maintenance to the
• Assist with other tasks or projects as assigned by the supervisor.


• High school diploma or equivalent.
• Previous experience in janitorial or custodial work is preferred.
• Knowledge of proper cleaning techniques, materials, and equipment.
• Familiarity with safety protocols and regulations related to janitorial work.
• Physical stamina to perform manual tasks, including lifting, bending, and standing for
extended periods.
• Attention to detail and ability to work independently.
• Good communication skills and the ability to follow instructions.
• Availability to work flexible hours, including evenings or weekends, if required.
• Bilingual in Spanish and English.

WORKING CONDITIONS: The Warehouse and Plant Janitor works in an indoor and outdoor
environment, exposed to varying temperatures and weather conditions. They may be required
to work in confined spaces or heights, depending on the job. The role may involve physical
exertion and the use of cleaning chemicals and equipment, which should be handled following
safety guidelines.

NOTE: This job description serves as a general guideline for the responsibilities and
requirements of a Warehouse and Plant Janitor position. It can be modified to align with the
specific needs of the organization and any applicable regulations or industry standards.