Warehouse Supervisor

ROP: $15.00/hour
Location: Eastside El Paso
Work Schedule: Monday – Friday, 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Job Description: Responsible for managing and overseeing all warehouse activities, ensure efficient
processes, and maximize warehouse productivity. Enforce the plans and strategies established by the

• Supervising warehouse staff and daily activities.
• Managing, evaluating and reporting on warehouse productivity.
• Tracking and coordinating the receipt, storage, and timely delivery of goods and materials.
• Ordering supplies and maintaining suitable inventory levels.
• Checking orders, bills, items received, inventory, and deliveries for accuracy.
• Maintaining records, reporting relevant information and preparing any necessary
• Ensuring basic maintenance standards and compliance with health and safety regulations.
• Performing a daily inspection of the warehouse grounds.
• Coordinating and maintaining fleets and equipment.
• Communicating and coordinating with other departments and customers.
• Responsible for advising, solving problems and serving as a liaison between subordinates and

• Previous experience as a warehouse supervisor or a similar management position.
• Strong working knowledge of warehouse operations and management.
• Time management skills and the ability to delegate.
• Required to stand for long periods of time.
• May involve some repetitive motions- bending, stooping, squatting, pushing, and pulling or
parts and container.
• Must be able to frequently lift 50 lbs.
• Can operate equipment: baler, pallet jack and possibly forklift (must be certified)
• Due to the open environment of the warehouse, must be able to work in various weather and
temperature conditions to include extreme heat, humidity and cold.
• Competent and committed to guide and train employees according to company requirements.