ROP: $10.50 /hour
Location: Sunland Park, NM
Work Schedule: Full Time

SUMMARY: Working inside the walk in freezer gathering orders and cleaning freezer bunkers and washing delivery trucks. Occasionally deliver goods to customers on Company vehicle.

ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITES: Receive and process warehouse stock products (pick, unload, label, store). Perform inventory controls and keep quality standards high for audits. Keep a clean and safe working environment. Maintain a clean freezer, wash delivery trucks. Will work inside a freezer environment 20 degrees below zero to gather ice cream orders. Clean bunkers and freezers. Clean the inside and outside warehouse. Do ending inventory on drivers and wash vehicles. Deliver freezers to account locations (when needed). Other duties as assigned.

QUALIFICATIONS: No experience required, willing to train. Valid driver’s license required and must meet hiring criteria. Must be able to handle the wall in freezer temperature 20 degrees below zero.