Customer Service Representative

ROP: $11/hr.
Location: various locations
Work Schedule: Full Time

SUMMARY: We are seeking a friendly and customer-oriented individual to join our team as a Customer Service Representative. As a Customer Service Representative, you will be responsible for providing exceptional customer service, assisting customers with their laundry and dry-cleaning needs, and ensuring a positive experience for every client.

• Greet and welcome customers:
1. Welcome customers as they enter the laundromat and establish a friendly and approachable demeanor.
2. Provide a warm and inviting atmosphere, ensuring that customers feel valued and appreciated.
• Assist Customers with Laundry and Dry-Cleaning Services:
1. Provide detailed information to customers regarding the services offered, including wash and fold, dry cleaning, and any additional offerings.
2. Help customers determine the appropriate service for their needs and offer recommendations when necessary.
3. Explain pricing, delivery times, and any special promotions or discounts available.
• Receive and Process Orders:
1. Receive and process customer orders for wash and fold and dry-cleaning services accurately and efficiently.
2. Ensure that all necessary customer information is collected and recorded correctly.
3. Verify the items and services requested, including any specific instructions or special requirements.
• Handle Customer Inquiries and Resolutions:
1. Address customer inquiries, concerns, and complaints promptly and professionally.
2. Provide appropriate solutions to customer issues and ensure customer satisfaction.
3. Escalate complex or unresolved issues to the supervisor or manager as necessary.
• Operate Cash Register and Process Payments:
1. Operate the cash register to process customer payments accurately and efficiently.
2. Handle cash, credit/debit card transactions, and provide change.
3. Maintain proper cash handling procedures and reconcile cash register at the end of the shift.
• Maintain Cleanliness and Orderliness:
1. Ensure the cleanliness and tidiness of the laundromat, including folding areas, waiting areas, and equipment.
2. Regularly monitor and clean the equipment to ensure proper functioning and report any maintenance issues to the appropriate department.
• Promote Additional Services:
1. Inform customers about any special promotions, loyalty programs, or future offerings.
• Maintain Customer Records:
2. Maintain accurate customer records and databases, including contact information, service history, and special preferences.
3. Update and manage customer accounts with any changes or modifications.
• Collaborate with the Team:
1. Work Closely with other team members, including laundry attendants and cleaners, to ensure smooth operations and provide efficient service to customers.
2. Assist with other duties as assigned by the supervisor or manager.
• Other duties as assigned.

• Previous customer service experience preferred.
• Excellent verbal communication and interpersonal skills.
• Strong problem-solving abilities.
• Basic computer skills for order processing and maintaining customer records.
• Ability to handle cash transactions accurately.
• Knowledge of laundry and dry-cleaning processes is a plus.
• Flexibility to work evenings, weekends, and holidays as needed.

The physical requirements for a commercial laundromat operator can vary depending on the specific tasks involved and the size of the operation. However, here are some average requirements a CSR can consider:
1. Lifting:
• The ability to lift and carry laundry bags or baskets weighing up to 25-50 pounds.
• Occasionally, heavier loads may need to be lifted with the assistance of equipment or another team member.
2. Pushing and Pulling:
• Pushing or pulling carts or bins filled with laundry, which may vary in weight.
3. Standing and Walking:
• The job typically involves a significant amount of standing and walking throughout the work shift.
• Operators may need to move around the laundromat, attend to different machines and interact with customers.
4. Bending and Reaching:
• Reaching into machines or shelves to retrieve or load laundry.
• Bending or stooping to pick up items from the floor or lower shelves.
5. Repetitive Movements:
• Engaging in repetitive motions such as folding, sorting, and stacking laundry items.