Courier (2)

Rate of Pay: $12/hour, Dayshift,
Location: Las Palmas Del Sol Healthcare
Work Schedule: Full Time, Weekend Day Shift

SUMMARY: Responsible for pickup and delivery of internal and external correspondence, specimens, supplies and medical records within the Las Palmas and Del Sol facilities, to include the outlaying facilities.
1. Deliver and transport patient records, documents, and reports to and from designated facilities, doctor offices and other areas as directed
2. Deliver miscellaneous internal and external correspondence, laboratory specimens, supplies, funds, x-ray films/CDs, Dietary orders and equipment as directed.
3. Receive and deliver supplies and equipment from vendors as directed.
4. Maintain documentation of daily deliveries.
5. Maintain contact with Transportation dispatch via two way radio/phone.
6. Comply with all safety driving standards set by law, and maintains a safe driving record.
7. Adheres to departmental Policies and Procedures.
8. Conforms to safety standards of the department by using proper safety equipment. Inspects departmental area(s) to ensure the provision for fire prevention equipment and protection and other safety and first-aid supplies.
9. Performs individually or as a team member during inclement weather as assigned, observing safe driving standards for extreme hazardous weather conditions, using snow chains, and equipment to accomplish the task at hand.
10. Performs individually or as a member during emergencies and disasters.
11. Communicates, cooperates and performs related duties with other members of hospital staff in a courteous and efficient manner to achieve overall hospital goals and objectives.
12. Responds to requests from patients, physicians and visitors in a courteous and efficient manner, always demonstrates positive interpersonal skills.
13. Promotes positive customer service with internal and external customers.
14. Other duties as assigned.

1. Individual Leadership/Practices Professionalism: Performs, participates, implements and evaluates personal performance, opportunities for personal growth and ability to change.
2. Customer Service: Demonstrates customer service skills with both internal and external customers. Treats patients/customers as individuals with unique values, beliefs and practices.
3. Hospital/Departmental Policies and Procedures: Knowledgeable of all policies and procedures that affect the outcomes and safety of patient care, and employee rights and responsibilities.
4. Performance Improvement: Performs, participates, implements and evaluates performance improvement activities within the departmental level
5. Financial Accountability: Identifies opportunities for waste reduction and department efficiency
6. Communication: Works as a team member through interaction, assistance and demonstration
7. Job Specific: Courier

PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS: Physical demands require performing all essential functions of this position as assigned. If requested, reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions. This position may require the use of personal protective equipment during various tasks/activities including but not limited to, back support belts, gloves, masks and safety glasses.

WORKING CONDITIONS: Hospital rooms, common areas, clinical departments and hospital grounds.

EDUCATION REQUIRED AND/OR PREFERRED: (list required and preferred separately)
• High School Diploma or equivalent preferred.
• Experience in healthcare environment is preferred.

LICENSURE/CERTIFICATION: (list required and preferred separately)
o Current Texas or New Mexico Driver’s License required.
o Defensive driving course preferred.

o Knowledge of the safe operation of a vehicle.
o Knowledge of work-related occupational hazards and proper safety precautions.
o The ability to prioritize assignments.
o Ability to communicate effectively and secure the cooperation on assigned staff.
o Ability to solve problems, resolves personnel issues and establish effective working relationships.